Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier
Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection - LE NID atelier

Polar Bear with cub illustration - "Social Animal" Collection

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Paper or Assembled Canvas
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This Polar Bear Drawing is the sweetest bedroom wall deco. This animal illustration can also add a comforting presence as a nursery wall art or as a living room wall art. 

This cute baby polar bear with is mother as been inspired by a photograph taken by Greg Harvey artist.

Here is a story behind the photo:

Every year in November tourists flock to Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears. Once the Bay freezes over the bears are finally able to venture out on the ice and enjoy a well deserved seal buffet. At this same time, 60 kilometers south of Churchill in Wapusk National Park, female polar bears are giving birth to one to three cubs no bigger than a one-pound stick of butter.
In February and March, these little fluff balls are about the size of a small dog. Up to this point they have been living in a snow den about eight to ten feet below the snow’s surface. When they are ready, mom pokes her head through the top of the den and the babies get to experience the world for the first time.
Photographers like myself wait 100 meters away, hoping to witness this amazing spectacle. Sometimes we wait eight hours a day for days on end staring at a hole in the snow to no avail. On those days, -40 C to -50 C temperatures are very challenging. When we do see the polar bear moms and babies they warm our hearts and we almost don’t notice the cold temperatures. We must be very cautious, however, as -50 C temperatures can burn exposed skin in seconds and can cause frostbite in just a few minutes.

❤ Inkjet print of the original charcoal work, signed by the artist.

❤ Black and white

❤ Will not fade or change color over time.

Paper option

❤ Acid-free textured paper, FSC certified, 215g/m2

Canvas option 

❤ 4K printing on canvas with latex ink baked at very high temperature for a durable result and a vivid visual.

❤ The 100% polyester canvas, resistant to humidity, is then mounted on a discrete and solid frame made of lime wood.

❤ Ready to install upon receipt. A wire is already installed at the back to hang the canvas.

Frame included only with the selection --> Canvas  + framed

❤ Wooden frames offered in 2 colors, natural wood and black.


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Print on Paper or Print on Assembled Canvas ?

You've got the choice. Here are some info to make the choice that fits for you.

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Print on Paper 


This option is an ink jet impression of my original charcoal drawing on a fine textured paper that looks and feel like a professional paper used by watercolourist.

The image do not fade to sunlight.

It will need a frame to hang it on your wall.  See below for framing instructions.

Print on Assembled Canvas

Discreet and solid frame made of lime wood, on which a 100% polyester and moisture resistant canvas is hand mounted. In addition, we install a wire at the back to hang the canvas easily on the wall.

This option is ready to be installed upon receipt!

If you want a frame on your canvas,  we've got your back 👇

Wooden frame

Designed to showcase Canvas paintings, these beautiful wooden frames will complement any decor.

Available in 2 colors: black and natural wood. They will add a touch of elegance to your adopted art.

Framing Suggestions

Ikea offers realy beautiful and affordable frames that will help you enhance your print  :
Ribba Collection(black or white frame) or the new Hovsta collection (birch effect)
Print 8 x 10 : frame 31 x 41 cm

Print 12x18: frame 41x51 cm  ( its says it is for 12x16, you will have to put mat over the white of the image,  it fits) 

Print 24x36 : frame 61x91 cm

Size Reférence

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Contact us

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About the artist

Born near a zoo, I have been observing animal behavior since my early childhood. The poses and attitudes of hundreds of animals are therefore imprinted in my memory. To complete my inspirations, I create collages of animal photographs and I collaborate with Canadian photographers who share their pictures with me. My work then becomes the sum of their time spent behind the camera, rain or shine, plus my hours interpreting the beauty of nature.

40 hours in one minute

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