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Charcoal Animal Prints for all Ages

with La Fondation
du Zoo de Granby

25% of the profit go to La Fondation du Zoo de Granby

Welcome to a world where your wall art comes to life.

I present you the greatest collection of animal charcoal prints in Canada. Each illustration comes from my original artworks. By choosing a print, you are adopting a companion that comes with its own little personality and great character.

Meet the artist

I’m Marie-Michèle Desmarais.  I grew up near a Zoo, where my parents would take me everyday for a morning stroll. My mother would prepare an orange for the elephants 🐘 that would come to meet us because they recognized the stroller from far away.

Today I quit my speech language pathology profession to live of my passion:
Help you to add some life into your nest!

With my charcoals :
I Capture the cuteness 🐼 and the magnificence 🦌 of the animal world.

I Share with you this intimate connexion to nature🌱 .

I give back to earth by planting a tree 🌳 for each print sold and two trees 🌳🌳 by canvas sold.

LE NID atelier collaborates with La Fondation du Zoo de Granby ❤

I will be drawing 5 endangered species represented at Granby Zoo.

The original works will be sold at an auction between the 3rd and 17th of June. The profits will go to the Fondation du Zoo de Granby whose mission is to finance and promote conservation, research and education projects for the preservation of the animal world.

To have a VIP access on the progress of the works, subscribe to the newsletter.

I will be sharing my creative adventure with you during the months of March, April and May: my sketches, my observations on site and information on each of the species that will be represented.

Don't miss the adventure.

Radio Canada

«Her house is worthy of a zoo: parrots, giraffe, panda, bears, wolf… a variety of animals go alongside in harmony, on paper!  Her animal
illustrations have carved out a place in many household of the region.  Incursion in her workshop,  baptised with accuracy LE NID, The Nest.» To visit LE NID's workshop click here.

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La presse

Following my collaboration with 5 Canadian Photographers to represent the animals of our forest, La Presse presents my charcoal drawings. To read the article click here.

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Fabrique 1840 - Simons

LE NID atelier is now a part of Fabrique 1840 and La Maison Simons.  Fabrique 1840 is platform that helps you discover smaller business with fresh ideas.   It presents materials and inspirations of Canadian
designers and makers.