Discover the inspiration behind this Whale art print

For my seashore collection, I wanted that by hanging one of the prints in your living environment, you would be transported elsewhere.
I particularly wanted to liven up your workspace. As many of us now work from home, our office can become redundant over time.

A little visual escape is welcome.

Where did the whale print inspiration came from?

I was looking for inspirational images when I came across a short video made by the talented photographer Paul Nicklen. It touched me so much, even overwhelmed. It looks like the mother whale and her baby are in another dimension. With the sound of their song in the background, it's magnificent.

Here is the vidéo, to listen with sound.

Here's what Paul Nicklen says about the Mama Whale and her Whale calf:

"I am not sure if there is a stronger bond than the one between a mother whale and her calf. Humpback fathers aren't around to help share the load, and there is no social structure to provide support in the form of babysitters. She is the sole caregiver – her life is loving, nursing, and protecting, 24/7, every day. This calf will need to surface for a breath every three to five minutes, yet mom is always there, constantly making sure her calf is safe and happy. " - Paul Nicklen

So I wanted to translate that moment, that maternal bond, that emotion with my charcoals.

And this is how it turned out. See the process in this video below. See
even at the very end of the video... another source of inspiration for me... still not far

What do whales represent?

It is said that whales are a reflection of the history and health of the earth, so by adopting them, you are showing your concern for our planet.
Also, it is said that whales have the ability to use music and sounds on
on an emotional and physical level. So, by inviting them into your home, I hope that they can inspire you to happiness in your home in a spirit of caring and listening.

To shop the whales print or other illustrations from the seashore collection:


  • Lise

    Vos oeuvres sont extrêmement touchantes, ma fille attend son troisième enfant d’ici quelques semaines et ce dessin m’a chaviré le coeur.

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