My wishes for 2023

I'll be honest with you, I'm a little anxious about the new year. The past year has been so intense, that it makes me slightly sick to my stomach to think that I'm diving back into such intensity.

I imagine there are some of you who recognize yourselves? 🙋♀️

Normally, it's the long list of new resolutions that weigh on my shoulders. You know the one that shines through with too much goodwill and too much beauty.

For me, it's just continuing at this pace that makes me dizzy in advance. Vacations are good... they allow me to take a step back.

So, I'm giving myself the month of January to see what I can lighten my schedule, lighten my mental load and leave room for creation.

On this note, I wish you a year 2023 that breathes,

in which you will feel good

and that will be open to creativity.

N.B.: Don't hesitate to share with me your resolutions for 2023, or your tips to start the year with serenity.

2022 retrospective
Here is what happened last year at LE NID atelier :

Collaboration with the Granby ZOO: creation of an exclusive collection. 5 large format works representing endangered species put up for auction. 25% of the profits from the sale of the posters were donated to the Granby Zoo Foundation.

Affiche Ours Polaire Maison SimonsFigure Féminine Maison SimonsVache Highland

Integration of a new collection at Simons and Fabrique 1840

Creation of a new product: waterproof stickers that can go on bottles, diaries and computers.

cahier a`colorier

You received 3 freebies in 2022: The Porcupine Notepad, The Meal Planner and The Coloring book.

Integration of new points of sale, for a total of 70 boutiques where LE NID posters and cards are sold: Biodome, Botanical Garden, Pointe à Callières Museum, Omer Deserres, the Quebec Aquarium and many others in English Canada, the United States and Sweden. 


Artistic retreat at Spa Eastman for the creation of my Seaside collection.

expo mère-fille

Exhibition at the Marais de la rivière aux cerises; Mother-Daughter 20% of the profits given to the Marais de la rivière aux cerises association for the protection of the flora and fauna.

Participation in the Circuit des Arts Memphrémagog with the exhibition "Avec Toi".


Collaboration with Blueberry papeterie: creation of a diary with the adorable Rabbit seen from the front and his furs from the back.

concours avec zoo ecomuseumconcours avec aquarium de quebec
And of course the monthly contest, for a total of 12 works drawn in 2022, including some with collaborators such as: The Aquarium of Quebec, the Granby Zoo, the Spa Eastman and the Zoo Ecomuseum.

And other small and big successes:

- Creation of a position for my small business: I now have an employee 4 days a week who helps me with the packaging and delivery of customer and store orders.

- Organization and launching of the first edition of the FALALA Christmas Market which was a real success, more than 2200 people were present. The artisans and customers lived a magical and festive experience.

- Without forgetting my daily work on the networks and newsletters, about 1 newsletter per week (for a total of 50 newsletters sent) 3 IG or Facebook publications per week for a total of 150 publications.

- and finally.... 😊 1500 orders on my online sites ( and Etsy)



Here are the favorite illustrations that have made her popular

Fox illustration black and white printGiraffe black and white illustrationgrizzly with cub illustrationMoose canvas print


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