My Entrepreneurial Journey: Insights and Outlook at LE NID atelier

Marché Wholesale By Hand

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share with you a bit about my entrepreneurial journey behind LE NID atelier. It's a story of growth, discovery, and above all, a continuously flourishing passion.

2023 Review: Reflecting on Energy and Effort

Looking back at 2023, I realized how much energy I had put into my online site, trying to connect with each customer individually. However, I might have slightly overlooked my most valuable partners - the boutique owners. You know, maintaining good relationships, making follow-ups, offering attractive deals... all of this requires a lot of energy too!

Yet, even though each point of sale takes a profit margin, I've understood that in terms of time, energy, and money, it's often much more profitable. That's why, for the next two years, I've decided to focus more on my distributors, and a bit less on social networks, whose reach is diminishing.

Starting 2024: Expansion and New Goals

Starting 2024, I was proud to have about 70 active sales points in Quebec and the United States. I acquired all these sales points by presenting myself in person, working hard, one step at a time. My goal now? To reach 100 points of sale by 2025, including 15 in English-speaking Canada!

Préparation au Marché wholesale BY HAND

My First "Wholesale Show" at ByHand by : An Unforgettable Adventure

To achieve this goal, I started the year by registering for my first "wholesale show" - "Byhand" in Toronto. It's a market where only boutique owners come to shop. What a demanding adventure! Without any help for setup, I had to prepare everything myself: carpet, table, chairs, walls... And guess what?

Résultats marché By Hand

Surprising and Delightful Results

I had no expectations. A friend had participated in this market the previous year and had only signed two points of sale. But for me, the results were incredible:

♥️ 22 orders from new points of sale

♥️ totaling $13,000

♥️ plus about fifteen other potential sales points

Among the products chosen by boutique owners, favorites were undoubtedly the greeting cards and small posters. However, a novelty also sparked interest: my framed paper artworks, available online. This is an exciting first attempt at distributing these products in stores, and I can't wait to see how they will be received.

renards maman bébéorignal dans l'eau calme

And that's not all! I also had the chance to explore downtown Toronto and have fun with my friend Sarah Lacaille, owner of @josephinesherbrooke . In addition to signing about twenty new points of sale, I was able to open stores in Ontario, Alberta, and even in British Columbia, in fantastic places like Jasper, Banff, and Victoria Island!

By sharing this experience, I hope to inspire you in your own entrepreneurial adventures. It's by daring to step out of our comfort zone that we discover new opportunities and truly realize what we are capable of.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts! See you soon for new adventures!

Points de Vente Le Nid atelier

Here are my current points of sale ❤

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