The story behind the collaboration between LE NID atelier and La Fondation du zoo de Granby

Let me tell you the story of Marie-Michèle Desmarais, artist.

Marie-Michèle Desmarais enfant au Zoo de Granby Marie-Michèle Desmarais enfant au Zoo de Granby

She was born near a zoo, the Granby Zoo.

Her parents, having a lifetime pass (which cost $100 in the old days) brought her there every morning for a morning walk. The elephants would recognize the stroller in the distance and come to meet them to receive their orange (in the old days you could feed the animals).

As a baby, MM developed a love and fascination for the animal world.

At the same time, she discovered a real talent for drawing.

A talent that she develops throughout her school career.

During all her studies... she draws, scribbles while listening to her classes... of sciences... to stay concentrated.

She enters the university in Fine Arts at Concordia and has a memorable year with a teacher who helps her to surpass herself in her charcoal drawing technique.

She changed her path and became a speech therapist.

For several years, she used her creativity and talent to use images to communicate and help children with language disorders in schools.

At the birth of her first child, while preparing her nest, her first two passions resurfaced.

To decorate the baby's room, an idea came to her: why not create little animals with charcoal?

The first 3 works of adorable baby animals were created: the panda, the foxes and the raccoon.

trio illustration chambre enfant

Visiting friends asked for them.

And this is how her small animal print company LE NID atelier was born.

Overwhelmed by the popularity and demand for her adorable and majestic charcoal animal prints, she abandoned her work as a speech therapist.

To give meaning to her vision and give back to the earth.

MM joins organizations that have a mission to protect the environment and animal species.

And it is at this moment that she calls the Granby Zoo and the Granby Zoo Foundation to collaborate.

Because the whole thing is a logical continuation, don't you think?

What project was born when she called the Zoo?

By listening to the story of MM, the Granby Zoo team (so welcoming) saw a great opportunity to promote the mission of The Granby Zoo Foundation in an original and creative way.

Together they developed the following concept:

MM will create 5 large format charcoal works representing 5 endangered species. The original works will be auctioned off. The profits raised will be invested in the projects of the Granby Zoo Foundation.

As the works progress, she will share with you information about the species drawn, but also anecdotes about the species represented at the zoo. Of course, she will share never-before-seen images of the creative process of each work.

By following her in her newsletter you will have a VIP seat for:

- News and anecdotes about the species represented
-  A sneak peek at the works and their progress
- Automatic registration to her monthly contest (a LE NID atelier poster to be won each month)

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Is this the first time you've heard of Marie-Michèle Desmarais and LE NID atelier?

Here are the favorite illustrations that have made her popular

Illustration Renards chambre enfant   Illustration Girafe chambre d'enfant   Illustration Orignal cadre noir et blanc


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    vraiment beau surtout le panda que j adore .

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