The story behind this bathroom wall decor that reminds of the sea and inspires calm

The story behind this bathroom wall decor that reminds of the sea and inspires calm

Several people contact me with the same request, what do you recommend as a frame for the bathroom. People want zen, nautical. Something not too flamboyant that calls for calm.

I suggest my charcoal sea turtles which have a beautiful presence precisely because of the story that led me to create them.


Here is how and why I created this work.

A family friend's wife, Sophie, lost her mother last year. She and her mother didn't see each other much, living far apart. When Sophie went to clean out her mother's belongings to sell the house, she realized that like her, her mother had started a collection of objects representing turtles (their symbolic animal). In addition, through their respective travels they had unknowingly brought back the same sea turtle figurines.

So, this friend (her spouse) asked me to make a piece of art in memory of his mother as a gift. He wanted a painting representing this connection that defies distance and time. He specifically asked me for 2 sea turtles on a 5 by 7 foot canvas bound for Vancouver.

It took me 47 hours to create, stroke by stroke.... and another 10 hours to figure out how to send this huge package by air to Vancouver😅.

Sophie was really touched by this gift and decided to hang this frame over the bath in her bathroom. The artwork reminds her of her mom and this passion they had in common.

Here is a nice video of me creating this beautiful bathroom wall art before your eyes. 

If this inspires you you can see the sea turtles wall art options available on my website here.

I always offer 2 options either on paper or canvas.

On paper, you will have to frame it once at home while on canvas, it arrives at home already stretched on a wooden frame with a wire at the back to hang it. Also on canvas, it is possible to order a giant size.



  • Nicole Cinq-Mars

    Des magnifiques toiles, ca c’est du talent ! J’aimerais gagner surtout les 2 tortues aurait une belle place chez moi!

  • Stephanie Long

    Elles sont très jolie j’adore

  • Emilie doucet

    C’Est tellement touchant, j’ai les larmes aux yeux à voir ton œuvre, en lisant cette belle histoire. Merci!

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